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Answers to common questions about Swyfft


Can customers make payments online?

Yes! Select Make a Payment from the main menu. Enter the policy number and zip code. Once entered, the customer will be prompted to enter payment information.

Can I make an online payment for my customers?

Yes. Sometimes customers may ask you to make a payment on their behalf. Log in at and click on History.  Search for the policy. Click the arrow icon in the Manage column. Click the Manage Payments button. The policy number and insured zip code will prefill. If a balance is due, follow the instructions on the screen to make a payment. A receipt for payment will be sent to the email address on file.

What payment plans does Swyfft offer?

It varies by state, so it’s best to refer to the Quick Reference Guide on the Guides and Forms by State page. Generally, customers can opt for annual or monthly payment plans. An installment fee applies for monthly payments.

What are the installment fees on monthly payments?

Each state has different installment fees so it is best to check with your state guidelines. This information can be found on the second page of your state’s Quick Reference Guide on the Guides and Forms page.

What forms of payment does Swyfft accept?

We accept debit and credit card payments including American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa. We also accept ACH/E-check.

Which credit cards does Swyfft accept?

We are happy to let you know we accept all major credit cards, including American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

If a monthly payment plan is selected, will the payment be auto-drafted every month?

Yes. At the point of bind, if monthly billing is selected, the insured agrees to have his or her payment type retained and auto-drafted each month. Swyfft does not send monthly invoices.

At renewal, will payment automatically be drafted?

Yes, we will automatically charge the credit card/checking account on file at renewal. If you need to update the method of payment, you may do so online at any time.  Log in and click on History. Search for the policy and click the arrow icon to Manage Policy. Click the Manage Payment button and then select Update Saved Payment Method.

Is there a fee if a payment bounces?

Yes. There is a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee if funds are not available when drafting payment from the bank account on file. This fee is charged each time payment is rejected due to NSF.

*Review your states QRG to see if an NSF fee applies.

What is a Chargeback fee?

A chargeback fee applies when a customer disputes a payment made with a credit card or debit card and the dispute is tied to a legitimate transaction. In these cases, Swyfft will apply a $25 chargeback fee.

*Review your state’s QRG to see if a chargeback fee applies.

How do customers update a credit card or checking account set for automatic billing?

This can easily be done when customers are making a payment online. Select Make a Payment from the main menu. Enter the policy number and zip code. Once entered, the customer will be prompted to enter payment information. Customers will also have the option to update the payment method or card/account number on file.

How do I change billing type (direct, mortgagee bill etc.)?

Email us at [email protected]. To speed things along, please include named insured, policy number and payment information with your request. Or you can call our billing team at 855-479-9338 x 2.

When is the first payment due?

The first payment is always due at the time of binding. Remember, if payment is received at the agent’s office from a mortgage company or if the insured is paying the policy in full, please mail it to Swyfft at 350 Mount Kemble Avenue Morristown, NJ 07960

How can I check if premium was paid?

Easily! Log in and click on History. Search for the policy and click the arrow icon to Manage Policy. Under the Payments section, click on Download Receipt. This will provide you with the policy’s payment history.

On this screen, you can also download the invoice, a copy of the policy and a copy of the application. 

How do I update a customers billing/mailing address?

It’s easy! To make this request, select Change Address on the Contact Us page of the Swyfft website. Complete the form and submit. We’ll take care of it.

If paying by paper check, who should I make it out to and where should I send it?

It’s faster to pay online, but if paying by paper check, please make it payable to Swyfft, LLC and send it to the following address:

Attention: Swyfft Billing
350 Mount Kemble Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

Is Swyfft direct bill or agency bill?

That depends. For home policies, we do not offer agency billing. Customers can choose direct or escrow billing. 

On the other hand, all commercial policies are billed to the agency.

Do you charge a late fee?

Yes. We charge a $10 late fee for payments received after their due date. Currently this fee applies in Alabama and Massachusetts and includes E&S Home policies in every state.

How are commissions paid?

Always remember to log in when quoting and binding. You’ll be paid commission when a policy becomes effective AND once the premium is collected. Your monthly commission check and statement will include transactions from the prior month.

Commissions are paid via ACH. It’s fast and delivered directly to your account. You should have filled out the ACH agreement in your Agency Partnership Kit at the time you were appointed. If for some reason you didnt, please contact us at [email protected].

To view a sample ACH Agreement, click here.

Does Swyfft charge a credit card fee?

In some instances, Swyfft charges a non-refundable credit card fee to the total amount due for new business (excluding monthly) and renewals. These fees are non-refundable as they are a processing fee.

This varies by state/program, so it’s best to refer to the Quick Reference Guide on the Guides and Forms by State page to learn more.


How do I add a new user/update login credentials?

Simply send an email to [email protected] and we will make the update!

How do I transfer policies between agents?

Simply send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to make any needed adjustments.

My agency's E&O policy is expiring. How do I update it?

If the E&O policy we have on file for your agency expires, you won’t be able to bind coverage. The fastest way to update it is online. Once logged in to, visit this page, where you can upload your agency’s most recent E&O policy. If you have trouble, contact us at [email protected].

My agency license is expiring. How do I update it?

If the license we have on file for your agency expires, you won’t be able to bind coverage. The fastest way to update it is online. Once logged in to, visit this page, where you can upload your agency’s most recent license. If you have trouble, contact us at [email protected].

How do I update mortgagee information?

The following mortgagee changes and endorsements can be made online in real-time:

  • Update mortgagee/bank information
  • Add an additional mortgagee

To do so, log in, click on History and search for the policy. Click the arrow icon to Manage Policy. Click the Manage Payment button. If the policy is set for escrow bill, you will see an option to Edit Billable Interests. Click this option and complete the form.

How do I update a customer's contact information?

To update a customer’s address, select Change Address on the Contact Us page of the Swyfft website. Complete the form and submit. We’ll take care of it.

To update a customer’s email address, navigate to the Manage Policy screen. To get there, log in and click on History. Search for the policy and click the arrow icon to Manage Policy. Under the Primary Insured section, click on the pencil next to Email and make the update.

Can Swyfft endorse a policy over the phone?

No. If you need an endorsement, please send an email to [email protected] and they will be happy to take care of it for you.

How long do endorsements typically take to be completed?

Be on the lookout for your endorsement 24-72 hours from the requested date. If it’s an emergency, simply mark it as urgent and we will try to take care of it ASAP for you.

Does Swyfft send endorsements to the insured or mortgage company?

That depends. Most endorsements are sent to the agent on record only. You may then distribute copies as needed. However, if the endorsement impacts premium, the insured and the mortgage company will get a copy, in addition to the agent on record. This helps to prevent a notice of cancellation for non-pay.

Does Swyfft mail the policy to the insured?

No, Swyfft uses e-mail to share the policy with the insured.

Does Swyfft do Mid-term BOR's ?

No. At this time, Swyfft does not do mid-term BOR’s.

Does Swyfft require the insured's signature on new policies?

Yes. Swyfft requires the insured to sign an application. The application can be found on the “Manage Policy” screen after the policy is bound. Agents must keep a copy of the signed application on file.

Where can I find the Florida Checklist of Coverage?

The Florida Checklist of Coverage can be found on the “Manage Policy” screen after the policy is bound.  You can access this screen by logging in and clicking on History. Search for the policy and click the arrow icon to Manage Policy. The Checklist of Coverage is specific to Florida only.

How do I find out the status of an endorsement?

Customer support will email you the endorsed policy upon completion. You can also easily and conveniently access it at any time in the history tab as long as you are signed in on our website.

How do I cancel a policy?

We understand at times you may need to cancel a policy. To make this request, select Cancel Policy on the Contact Us page of the Swyfft website. Complete the form and confirm you have the authority to cancel the policy. If you need to speak to a person, contact us at [email protected]

Does Swyfft offer IVANS Download?

Yes! If you participate in IVANS Download through your agency management system and need assistance signing up for download through Swyfft, please review our IVANS Download FAQ or contact us at [email protected].

How do I find the status of a policy?

The policy status can easily be found by clicking the “manage” button located on the far right of the history page.

The statuses consist of the following:

  • Active
  • Cancelled
  • Non-Renewed
  • Notice of Cancellation (NOC) Pending
What is Agency Download Services?

Our company has partnered with IVANS for this service. The Agency Download Service is an automated process that allows Swyfft policy information to download directly into an agency’s management system.


  • IVANS Download translates the data into a shareable format across multiple agency systems.
  • The policy data is synchronized between Swyfft and the agency via updating the data on the agency’s system.
  • IVANS download streamlines the process using ACORD standards to drive agency efficiency and reduce E&O exposure. This will save time by eliminating re-keying of data as well as allowing for easier policy administration with a single workow for your employees. The result, more time to concentrate on service and revenue generating activities.
Are there any costs involved?

Not if you are currently set up to download in your agency management system. Yes, if your agency has not started to benefit from download, contact your agency system for support.

How Does Swyfft Download Service Work?

Each morning, Swyfft transmits new or changed policy information to IVANS. This data is sorted and placed in your agency’s IVANS Mailbox. The policy data is available for download into your management system that same day.

What if I don't have an IVANS Y account?

Let us know, contact Swyfft by telephone 855-479-9338 (Personal Lines) We may be able to help you set up a Y account for your agency. To do this we will need to know your Agency Name; Address; Phone; Producer Code/Agent Code; Agency Management System.

Do I need to have an IVANS account to download?

Yes you will need to have your IVANS Y account to access Swyfft Download. The “Y” is a unique identier used by the carriers who download through IVANS. Once your agency places business with the Insurance carrier, the carrier downloads data or supporting information, into your agency management system. That data and information goes through the IVANS mailbox.

Are there specific management systems that can be used for IVANS download?

IVANS Transfer Manager is integrated with more than 30 agency management systems. For a complete list of agency management systems go to Vendor Resources Guide. 

Do I need to do anything with my system?

Yes, contact your agency management system vendor to make sure your system is congured correctly to receive download with Swyfft. Discuss with them the lines of business you wish to download.

Will IVANS download change the way documents are delivered to my clients?

IVANS Download will not impact document delivery to your clients. Insureds will continue to receive policy communication, notications and documents as they do today. 

What is Download?

Download may be Policy, Claims, and Direct Bill Commission Statement and/or eDocs and/or Messages. It allows the agency staff to use their agency management system to maintain data or handle documentation without having to enter it manually, ultimately reducing keystrokes required to perform the necessary service functions.


  • Policy information – include most of the information on your insurance carriers Declaration page
  • Direct Bill commission statements
  • Claims – status and information

eDocs – supported types of documents – Images, Word Docs, Text documents, PDF’s, Excel Spreadsheets
Messages – information that may have previously been sent by email, fax or had to be retrieved on the carrier’s website.


Does Swyfft offer auto insurance?

No. At this time we do not offer auto insurance.

Does Swyfft have a preference or specialty, geographically?

Swyfft is built to be quick, simple and competitive for our customers in the states and areas where we provide coverage. While we are keenly suited for business in areas prone to wind catastrophe, we are open to all areas. Since the process is so fast and simple, we encourage you to always try Swyfft before assuming we can’t or won’t support a location in our open states. And if a risk doesn’t qualify for our admitted program, it may qualify for our E&S program, where available.

Does Swyfft have a dog list?

Yes. Please refer to our Quick Reference Guides to learn more as each state/product may be different.

Does Swyfft write secondary homes?

Yes! We can write secondary homes, provided the home is not rented out. We will entertain secondary homes even without insuring the primary residence. Seasonal or secondary residences must be properly winterized/protected if left dormant during the off seasons.

Does Swyfft insure homes in the name of a Trust or in the name of a Corporation?

Yes! We can insure homes in a trust and LLC.  NOTE: we do not insure homes that are overseen by an Estate.

Is there a Wind and Hail deductible?

Wind and Hail are standard and covered perils on all policies. In some areas/states, we require a specified wind/hail deductible to apply, based on significant exposure. The Swyfft system will automatically apply the appropriate wind/hail deductible when a quote is being developed. The wind/hail deductible where shown applies in lieu of the all perils deductible on wind/hail occurrences. If there is no wind/hail deductible showing, then the all perils deductible would apply to any wind or hail occurrences.  

Does Swyfft have any age restrictions on homes?

No. However, Swyfft does NOT accept designated historic landmark homes. We require that the electrical and plumbing systems need to be reasonably updated. We do not accept non-circuit breaker electric panels, nor do we accept dwellings with split bus and fuse boxes, Stablok, Federal Pacific, GTE‐Sylvania, Challenger, Eaton and Cutler-Hammer or Zinsco electric panels.

Does Swyfft insure mobile/manufactured homes?

No. We do not insure mobile/manufactured homes. 

How much coverage for Identity Theft?

Swyfft can, as an option, provide coverage for up to $15,000 for expenses your insured incurs from identity fraud, including legal fees, after deductible.

Does Swyfft write homes on Stilts?

Yes! The reference to pier construction, to stilts, to pilings, etc. are all versions of what is known as Post and Pier Foundations. Yes, we do those types of homes and it’s not just found at water-exposed sites, but in areas of steep and hilly terrain.

How far back does Swyfft go on claims?

3 years. For your interest:

* We do not charge for claims older than 3 years old

* We do not charge for DESIGNATED catastrophic claims

* We do not charge for $0 payout claims except those that include any outlined expense payments

* We do not charge for claims on a new purchase that occurred before the settlement date

Enhanced personal property - what does it cover?

The Enhanced Property Endorsement provides the following:

  • Allows golf carts to be included in Personal Property Coverage C and expands the perils for golf carts to be all risks, subject to exclusions, versus named perils.
    • It also allows for golf carts to be covered for the collision peril if chosen.
  • It expands the perils for computers and computer related equipment to all risks, subject to exclusions, versus named perils.
  • It allows the theft coverage limits on the HO-3 form [found on page 4, Section I- PROPERTY COVERAGES, C. (Coverage C- Personal Property), 3. (Special Limits of Liability)] to be increased beyond those standard limits, on the following items:
    • jewelry, watches, furs, precious and semiprecious stones.
    • firearms and related equipment.
    • silverware, silver-plated ware, goldware, gold-plated ware, platinum ware, platinum-plated ware and pewterware. This includes flatware, hollowware, tea sets, trays and trophies made of or including silver, gold or pewter.

The form allows all these items (golf carts, computer equipment and all the items covered for theft above) to be insured on a blanketed limit basis, subject to perils and exclusion.

It is strongly suggested that insureds have either an appraisal available or have copies of the original bill of sale available on all items that they cover under this endorsement. Since the endorsement does not require scheduling, these appraisals and receipts will both confirm ownership as well as potential value at the time of loss.

Does Swyfft write foundation coverage in Texas?

No, Swyfft does not currently offer the Texas Foundation Coverage endorsement.

Does Swyfft offer extended liability?

No. Swyfft does not offer extended liability.

Are there Acreage Restrictions?

No, Swyfft does not impose any acreage restrictions. We do insist that any bodies of water on the property (e.g. pools) must be protected/fenced.

Note: Commercial and farming exposure is excluded.

Can an insured have two mortgagees?

Yes! Once a policy has been bound a second mortgagee can be endorsed onto the policy by sending an email to [email protected] with the mortgage company’s name, address, and loan number. 

Lines of Business

E&S Homeowners

Information in this section applies only to our E&S Homeowners program.

What pay plans are available? Do you offer financing?

The E&S Payment Plan available for Topa consists of 30% down with 10 equal installments. (Note: An installment fee applies – which varies based off premium.) See Chart below.

Annual Premium Installment Fee per payment after DP
$0 – $2,600 $10.00
$2,601 – $3,900 $15.00
$3,901 – $5,200 $20.00
$5,201 – $6,500 $25.00
$6,501 – $7,800 $30.00
$7,801 + $35.00

We cannot accept premium financing at this time.

How do I quote an E&S Home policy?

Begin a new quote on the Homeowners screen, entering an address. If it’s ineligible for our admitted program, you’ll likely be presented with an E&S Home quote.

Coverages and limits vary by state and program. The easiest way to determine if a risk qualifies for coverage is to start a quote. You’ll know within seconds if the home fits one of our E&S Home Programs.

Is escrow billing allowed?

Yes. If the account is escrowed, Swyfft will bill the mortgage/escrow company and account for the payment. You can enter this as a billing option before purchasing the policy.

What rules apply to secondary/seasonal homes?

The home cannot be a rental. Seasonal or secondary residences must be properly winterized/protected if left dormant during the off seasons.

What is Minimum Earned Premium (MEP) and how does it work?

MEP is the premium that Swyfft retains that is not refundable after a policy is purchased. This is common in the E&S marketplace. Outside of hurricane season, MEP is 25% of the policy premium. Once entering hurricane season, MEP is 50% of the policy premium. This is because the cost of placing CAT exposures within this segment of business is higher. We need to be able to recoup the expense. So it’s important that you educate your customers about MEP before they purchase.

Learn more on our E&S PocketGuide Page.

Are you using insurance score to rate?

Yes, our E&S program does use insurance score, including credit and CLUE reports when calculating rates. We believe this will provide your customers with the best rate available.

If the policy is for a new home purchase, how is insurance score applied?

With a new purchase, we will assign a special “new purchase” score to the quote, taking into account that the address will not match.

Will insurance score be displayed?

While the rate is calculated using the score, we will not disclose the actual insurance score on the screen. If the rate was negatively impacted by the insurance score, the customer will receive an adverse action notice, per regulatory requirements, by email.

What is Diligent Effort (DE) and how does it work?

When quoting E&S coverage, most state regulations require agents to perform a “Diligent Effort” before purchasing an E&S policy.  Requirements differ from state to state, but usually require an “affidavit” stating that the consumer is aware and/or a diligent effort form that lists the admitted companies that were attempted for placement. 

As such, you will be required to complete our Diligent Effort forms (also available on the quote screen) as instructed, and upload them when binding E&S Home coverage. You are also required to keep a copy of it on file in your office

In Florida, there is a diligent effort requirement, but no affidavit requirement.  Three admitted companies must be listed.  if Coverage A is more than $700,000, you only need to show one admitted carrier.

Helpful hint:  If Swyfft admitted declined the risk, you have one listing taken care of!

Is Swyfft E&S Home Coverage financially secure?

Yes. Our E&S Home policies are underwritten by Topa Insurance Company or Lloyd’s of London, each rated at least “A-” or better by A.M. Best or A’ (Unsurpassed) by Demotech. 


How do I file a claim?

For a full overview of the claims process, visit our claims center. To file a claim, head over to and use our interactive website or call the 24/7 Claims Center at 877-799-3389 and select option 1.  

You and the customer will instantly be provided the claim number, adjuster information and the information of the emergency services provided that will be sent to assist the insured in their claim.

How do I track a claim?

The customer will receive a text and email to the Swyfft claim portal where they’ll be able to message the Swyfft adjuster directly as well as upload photos, videos, receipts and give customer service feedback throughout the life of the claim.  Details are available on the Claims Center.

The customer will also be able to view, print or download their provided estimate in the portal. 

Do you outsource?

The Swyfft claims organization uses a Direct Repair Network, independent field adjusters, drone inspections and self-help technology to obtain the information we need to make claim decisions internally.  Since January 2020, we no longer utilize TPA services to handle new reported claims from you or our customers. For details, visit our Claims Center.

Who handles your claims?

The Swyfft team is comprised of claims professionals who handle all the processing and decision-making aspects of each claim.

From our proprietary interactive web FNOL through the claims final resolution, the Swyfft team creates and fosters the experience for the customer every step of the way. 


States + Products Offered

We proud to offer insurance coverage in the following states:

Admitted Homeowners (HO-3) coverage:

  • Alabama
  • Massachusetts
  • Texas

E&S Homeowners (HO-3) coverage:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Texas

Commercial E&S Lines (Condo Associations, Apartments and more)


  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • Texas
Are policies written through Swyfft A.M. Best rated?

Swyfft has relationships with multiple established carriers, each rated at least “A-” or better by A.M. Best or A’ (Unsurpassed) by Demotech. 

What is Swyfft's phone and mailing address?


Swyfft, LLC
350 Mount Kemble Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

Is Swyfft an accredited company?

Yes! We are happy to let you know we are rated A+ by the BBB.

Where is Swyfft located?

Swyfft is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, with an additional office in Tallahassee, Florida.

How do I amend policy information or increase/decrease coverages?

Please send an email to [email protected]. In the email, please include the policy number and named insured along with the request and we’ll take care of the rest!