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 How to Quote – Homeowners

3 mins

  • Homeowners quotes expire after 30 days.
  • Commercial quotes expire after 90 days.
  • Make sure you’re logged in.
  • Use Chrome, Firefox or MS Edge. Avoid Internet Explorer.
  • Be sure to hit Customize. Premium can change a lot based on customization.
  • Quote and bind, right from your phone!
  • Use the help text by clicking on the question marks.



How to Bind – Homeowners

5 mins

  • Keep a signed application on file in your office.
  • Inform your customers that Swyfft will conduct an exterior inspection and in some cases, an interior inspection.
  • If there are dogs, remember to have the dog form signed.
  • If it’s secondary, fill the correct form out.

How To Update Mortgagee Information

1 min 20 seconds

  • Claims checks are issued to both the insured and additional interests such as the mortgagee. If the mortgage company is wrong, we’ll have to reissue the claims check.
  • To add a second mortgagee, email us.
  • If the mortgagee clause contains an ISAOA/ATIMA, please enter it in the Bank Name field with the original Bank (not the address field).

 How to View Policy Status

50 seconds



How to Download a Copy of a Policy + Endorsement

55 seconds

  • To view a full list of available endorsements, please refer to the states Quick Reference Guide under optional coverages.

How To Update a Customers Email

1 min

  • Please do not use your agency email in lieu of a customer’s email. If they do not have an active email account, we recommend they create one or provide one of someone they trust such as a family member.

 How to Change Payment Method

1 min 8 seconds

  • Updating your preferred method of payment does not automatically draft a payment. To do this, you’ll need to retrace your steps and select “Make a Payment” after you’ve successfully made your update. [See our How-To Make A Payment video if you need help.]



How to Make a Payment

57 seconds

  • Never enter your agency’s payment information. Only enter the insured’s payment method (credit card or e-check).

How To Download a Receipt

50 seconds







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