Jaimie Sherraden


Name sound familiar? Probably because Jaimie is Swyfft’s official MC…when the ceremony is weekly agent training. If you haven’t attended one of her guided tours of Swyfft, you should. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll make new friends. 

New to the industry, Jaimie brings a fresh perspective to her role as an Agency Partnership Representative. She uses her prior experience in customer service as a foundation because service is universal, whether it’s insurance or ink pens. Friendly, knowledgeable service makes a difference.

Add to it, Jaimie’s a parent of two rambunctious kids under the age of five. She knows how to problem-solve, organize, and lead. These skills all transfer to her current role. We’re not saying agents are like rowdy youngsters (maybe some are). Rather, Jaimie’s good at tough situations, keeping her cool and focusing on finding a solution.

Jaimie was initially drawn to the world of insurance when she dated, then married an insurance agent. We envision wedding vows filled with promises to love each other in sickness and health, natural disasters, personal liabilities, medical expenses, and equipment breakdowns. 

Who knew insurance could be so happily ever after?

And the love story continues. Since Jaimie joined Swyfft, she thrives on interactions with agents, answering questions, discussing quote activities, and helping to resolve challenges agents may be facing. In Jaimie’s opinion, insurance is anything but boring and she loves every moment of it.

Jaimie’s secret to never missing a beat? The all-important to-do list. Whether in the office or at home, having a list has helped Jaimie accomplish some amazing things like solving 100 Zendesk tickets, hosting agent training, teaching Burn Bootcamp, all while keeping small humans fed and alive.

She is a superstar in our eyes.

So if you need tips for getting organized or assistance with your sales challenges – you know who to call.